Chilli Eating Competition – Round1 2021

It’s getting a little Chilli around here!

With summer over we are still committed to bring the heat! And what better way to do that than spicing things up with our infamous Chilli Eating Competitions as part of Northies Annual Chilli Festival.

Last Sunday saw the first round of our annual chilli eating comp & it was a raging success. We had 7 guys step up to the plate & endure a 14 stage battle with some of the worlds deadliest and hottest chillies. The rules were simple;

~ 1 sip of that deliciously cool glass of milk placed in front of them meant an ultimate disqualification if sipped on.

~ Need a tactical vomit? Damn, instant disqualification &

~ Remove your super stylish chilli hat from your head – guess what – you’re officially out of the running…sayonara, it’s been real!

Hosting chilli comp


 About 30 minutes in and we had really weeded out the weak from the strong. Our mate Isaac made it to third place…but MAN was he struggling?! The fire in his mouth couldn’t be extinguished by the copious amounts of water being drunk.

Everyone thought he would be tapping out early but the competitor in him didn’t tap out until he vomited after sucking the Toe of Satan. Boy was he feeling the burn, but this young buck is one to watch. I’m sure he’ll be back in the years to come to take that top spot!


Isaac 3rd place chilli comp


A competition like no other with the Toe of Satan this year not only meeting one of its makers… but two! For the first time in Northies Chilli Eating Competition history, it was a first place tie!

Meet Daniel and Michael, the two brave men who put there stomachs & *bottoms* on the line for our entertainment. They completed every chilli level starting from 500 scoville levels in the harmless Banana Chilli all the way to the Carolina Reaper with scoville levels reaching up to 2 million. There stomachs must be made of steel because they didn’t stop there! Both men kept going, reaching scorching scoville levels of up to 9 MILLION! And for those that don’t know what 9 million scoville means, well lets just say its a drooling, crying, eyes rolling back in their head, sweating, mess of a man, level of hot. For short we call it the Toe of Satan. Daniel and Michael sucked on this toe for up to 10 minutes before chowing down on the hellish lolliop. With JB (MC extraordinaire declaring them both victorious).


2021 chilli festival winners


With such strong contenders for this round will YOU be brave enough to take on round 2. Up for grabs is some spectacular prizes from our sponsors Fireball and Young Henrys. Who doesn’t love free t-shirts, alcohol, venue vouchers plus a whole heap of merch?

There are still three heats to go…think you’ve got what it takes? Enter yourself here and get down to Northies on Sunday at 2pm to be a part of the action.

We have a feeling the best is still yet to come!


Chilli fest abckground shot