Northies Winter Menu Edit 2019

It’s like a hug on a plate…


Forget winter is coming…winter is well and truly here! In the throws of wild winds, 16ft swells and icey-cold downpours, we’ll be getting around some of the seriously cozy new additions to our menu

Like this bad-boy….



Pan-roasted barramundi with some seriously good wintery sides…and a little sun dried tomato for flavour…a must-try for any seafood lover.


Or for those of you more about the hearty, full-flavoured winter dishes on your pub-food menu, get yourself a serve of these delicious lamb shanks…melt in your mouth is a little of an understatement!

Girl Holding Lamb Shanks at Northies


Now, this is something we have long been waiting for…a delicious, light but wholesome salad…cue the Thai Beef Salad! Praise be, this thing is somehow light and tangy, but cozy and warm simultaneously!

Guy eating Thai Beef Salad


Now, for the thing our vego-friends have long been waiting for, our No Meat Cheeseburger!


Don’t be fooled, there is not a scenic of animal-product to be found on this humble cheeseburger. A Beyond Meat patty, Vegan Cheese & Chipotle, lettuce, tomato & pickles…it is a Vegan delight!


Get yourself in & give the new menu a whirl this week