Chilli Eating Comp – Pt. 3

So for those of you playing along at home, you know this is the last of our 3 heats (teeheehee, it’s still punny 3 weeks in) of the Chilli Eating Competition circa Chilli Fest 2018.

We already have 4 fiercely competitive chilli-fiends vying for the Ultimate title of Chilli Eating Champion 2018….which will come with it’s own wall plaque and errrrrythang!

Back to our contestants…we have Allison, Bones, Joanna & Leah already secured and locked-down to compete again. Plus, our mates at Young Henry’s are throwing a Wild Card in to the finals and so are we….let’s just say our host may just be drooling in to the microphone that day…but hey…..so that makes 6 so far.

There are but two spots left in the final.

So it was a chilly (the other kind!) day in Cronulla, with the wind positively HOWLING outside. The scene was certainly set to warm up with some fiery chilli….plus we have The Chilli Project in the house sampling some of their range of hot sauces to our not-so brave patrons which was fab to the u to the lous.

Contestants at Chilli Festival Northies 2018

As you can see, the wind kept a few away….but we swiftly fixed that problem

Contestants at Chilli Festival Northies 2018

We roped in some innocent diners…and Amie, our resident bar-tender / absolute chilli eating machine / winner of the Staff Chilli Eating Comp and off we went.

Chilli Eating Comp at Northies

So here we are, sitting on the edge of Reaper-ville and still so many contestants sitting pretty…albeit a little hot and sweaty.

Nik minit, we had only Amie (pictured above), Nick and Peter the Competitive Eater left. So naturally, we reached for the Satans Spit Spray. Now let us preface (and please, for the love of god, don’t try this at home kids), unbeknownst to us and of his own (questionable) accord, one of our sstaff members ingested approximately 1/3 of the bottle of spray and landed himself in emergency. It is super hot. We gave each contestant a spray and each survived. So it was Reaper-for-Reaper challenge to set them apart. Unfortunately for the Northies team, this was the end of our dear Amie. Leaving Nick and Peter to progress to the final.

So that is that!

The final is next Sunday, August 26th and it is one not to be missed!

Check out all the details & check out our competitors here