Chilli Eating Competition – Heat 1 Recap

It’s Happened Chilli Fiends!

Our Chilli Fest 2018 Chilli Eating Contest has officially kicked off!

Heat (get it!?) 1 was held on August 5th and boy did we have fire on our hands. Shannon, Mark, Christopher, Shane, Bones, Ben, Allison and James took to the stage at 2pm and were *eager* (nay, terrified) to get started! Check out the fear in their eyes!

Contestants at Chilli Fest Heat 1

Our pretty little peppers were all lined up in a row and we were ready to. Kicking off with a Jalepeno, a measly 10,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

No probs, mate!

Chilli sauces and Chillis at Northies Chilli Festival

The best was most definitely yet to come!

Running trough long reds, Thai greens and bird’s eyes…we made it to the habanero before the crew started dropping like flies. Now recall, if you drink the glass of milk placed in front of you or remove your chilli hat from your head, you’re officially out of the running…sayonara, Shannon…it’s been real!

Shannon's out at Chilli Fest

So, due to it being the off season for the Chilli plant to fruit, our contestants then progressed in to sauces from Blonde Chilli & House of Scoville…homes to the hottest sauces in the known universe! The tensions were high and there was no rest for the wicked! Sweat was pouring and tears were flowing…but persistence prevailed our remaining squadron. Onward to the Pineapple Express sauce!

Pineapple express sauce eating at Chilli Festival

Feel the burn boys!

As the contestants began to fade fast (well, if you were facing 800, 000 Scovilles…safe to say you would too!), we marched on toward to ultimate face of death in sauce form, Rebellion’s Meet Your Maker (A re-goddamn-diculous 5 million Scovilles!).

Chilli Fest contestantBen : Broken at Chilli Festival

There were some terrified looking floating around…pheeeeeeeeeeeew!

In the end, only Allison, Ben and Bones remained. A tearful exit (legit, tears of fire!) by Allison left Ben and Bones. Now, Ben is one of our staff, so he couldn’t officially place. But that didn’t make him a quitter! He stayed until he could stay no more.

Our beloved local, Andy aka Bones took the title for week one and (rumor has it) is already in training for the grand final.

Winner of heat one chilli eating contest at northies : Bones

Well, there is a $1K prize pack up for grabs so naturally he is on that like white on rice!

There are still two heats to go…think you’ve got what it takes? Enter yourself here and get down to Northies on Sundays in August at 2pm to be a part of the action.

Huge shout out to the legends from Young Henry’s who kept the temp a rippin’ cool with their pop up stall and sampling the spicy spirit they made just for us, Flamin’ Wayne Regretski (A spicy cinnamon infused chilli spirit best served with apple juice and available allllll month at Northies)…couldn’t have done it without you!

Chilli Fiend, out!