Espresso Patronum!

Cool Ways We’re Transforming Our Used Coffee Grounds This Espresso Martini Month

As Espresso Martini Month swiftly approaches, we’re anticipating a higher-than-your-average lot of Coffee Grounds…because, let’s face it, y’all like your espresso tini’s a latte (see what we did there?)

So that in mind, we thought we’d look in to some sweet ideas for recycling coffee grounds…

1- Skin Exfoliation

You must have been living under a rock for the last few years if you haven’t seen the coffee ground scrub movement…all those sassy shower selfies covered in coffee grounds *ahem, Frank Body*. Not only is the course nature of coffee grounds a fabulous exfoliant, it also helps fight aging AND cellulite…and leaves you smelling fresh as a newly-poured ristretto!

2- Odor Fighting

Ya’ll know when the lady at the DJs eau de toilette counter hands you the little ramekin of coffee beans to cleanse your olfactory bulbs before you sniff the next Chanel bottle? That is because coffee is fabulous for neutralizing odors and your olfactory system…try popping a little hessien bag of coffee grounds in smelly shoes or in the fridge to bring the clashing scents down a notch.

3- Step aside, pesticide!

Sprinkle a little in to outdoor still water to stop the mozzies breeding or on the backyard to stop common pests like slugs, snails and fleas. You can also lather the pooch in them to repel fleas! How good!

4- Where on Earth Have You Been, Earthworm?

Attract earthworms by adding used coffee grounds to soil or top up your compost bin to lure them your way.

5- Mask Wood Scratches

Ok, we’ve all been there, a little tarnish on the timber coffee table after a big night…Apply some coffee grounds to darker wood scratches to mask those bad-boys!


If your a cool-cat like us who prefers their espresso in a Martini, we have a whole month of Espresso Martini goodness coming your way this June…and don’t hesitate to take some grounds home with you if you’re feeling handy!