Rockin Around the Christmas Tree : Our Top 5 Must-Hear Carol Clangers

Here at Northies we are all about the laughs and the good times during the Christmas season!

And we know, as you do, that by the time Michael Buble has defrosted in mid-October, we are already sick to death of his Christmas crooning…but if not him, who else right?

Well who else indeed.

These guys. We recommend you only hit play once (just for funsies). Welcome to our list of the Top 5 All Time Christmas Clangers.

(so you can trust, you can leave the Christmas Bangers to us!)

5. Iggy Pop – White Christmas

We aren’t sure whether it’s the irony of a guy like Iggy Pop taking on a subtle and subdued Christmas classic or the slapped-together arrangement OR the fact the vocals appear to have been recorded from inside a stocking, but one thing we’ll tell you is that we are no longer dreaming of a white Christmas…

4. Christina Aguelira- Oh Holy Night

Ok, so we all know that one house on the street….you know the one…draped in enough lights to blind a moonman, rocking the ‘Santa Stop Here’ pathway, too many animatronic Santas and a nativity scene for funsies? Yeah, this is less subtle than that.

3. The Pussycat Dolls ft. Carmen Electra – Santa Baby.

I’m sorry, what?

We… we just can’t. Marilyn would be rolling in her grave.

2. Hanson- What Christmas Means to Me

Now this song is a self-defining genre. Somewhere between the 3-part harmonies, the 80’s key change (for added drama, duh!), the drum breakdowns x 2 and the where-did-the-last-3-mins-of-my-life-go lyrics, the Hanson boys have created what will hereby be known as a Christmas Cla-banger! (We actually kinda dig it, not going to lie!)

1.  Fifth Harmony – All I Want For Christmas

Ladies, please. The vocal stylings of Mariah Carey are sacrosanct and the very fact you even approached it is sacralig! How dare you, Mariah is a Queen.

From all of us here at Northies, Merry Christmas and may your ears be safe this festive season 🙂

Join us on for Christmas!