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Every tasted a tantalizing Northies cocktail?! Ever wondered who the genius behind the brilliant flavour combinations was? Well now is your chance.

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Let us introduce you to Dean, the beating heart of Old Joes and Cronulla’s Seaside Mixologist

Give us a little bio of yourself… what you like doing in the outside world and your role at Northies

“Well firstly my names Dean and I’m actually a qualified stunt man and professional dancer. So currently my life is all training, working and researching all things ooze and cocktails. Who needs sleep? I train pretty much everyday either before or after work and the days I do have off I’m doing stunts which can involve anything from fighting and parkour to falling of buildings and getting lit on fire. So I like to think I live a not so average life. My role at Northies is a Supervisor for Old Joes which also include the beverage management and drink creation for the cocktail menus and events.”

Cocktails – How did you get so invested?

“I was lucky that when I started the guys who ran the bar also ran the cocktails and would secretly teach me while I was a glassy, wasn’t long before I was opening the bar up and setting up all the cocktail stuff, which I would do super quick and well so I could then experiment with tastes and virgin drinks before the cocktail guys would arrive. I remember making 2-3 Bloody Marys every Sunday morning because I could never get them to taste as good as the other guys. I then fluked an idea for a jug that got on the menu and have been hooked ever since.”

How long have you been a bar tender?

“I started bar tending 3 years ago here in OJ where I was hired as a glassy. My first shift on the bar was New Years Eve 2014 and after that it wasn’t long before I was on cocktails. I just learnt from everyone I could and within my first 8 months became a supervisor and then ended up running Old Joes.”

What is your favourite part of the mixology process?

“My favourite part is the reaction of the person receiving the drink. Don’t get me wrong the creation, the theatrics and the presentation are all great and i enjoy them but when push comes to shove Its all about the person drinking the drink and the thrill of whether or not the drink you have made will impress or disgust the patron is addictive!”

What’s your fav classic cocktail to make?


“For those that know me know that my blood is pretty much 70% coffee so naturally Espresso Martinis are my favourite drink. For such a basic and simple drink so much can be done to change the experience. Weather it’s the taste, texture, look, smell or presentation it all adds depth and uniqueness to a very simple crowd favourite classic.”

What Are Your Top 3 Creations to Date?


“Choosing only three is hard as I have ones that are super popular and ones that I think are better than the rest by far. I think I’ll go with the ones I like the best.
Firstly there is the “Chilli Gonzales” which is a mango chilli margarita style drink with a cayenne pepper salt rim, both spicy and slightly sweet making it go down way too easy.
The next would be the “Rover Pavlova” which is a deconstructed Pavlova made in a similar way you make an actual pavlova.
The third one would be a drink I designed at my first ever cocktail event which was a Rekorderlig Jam session. We all were given a bunch of equipment and ingredients and had set time to make drinks that incorporated Rekorderlig. My one was a hot spiced apple one with makers mark, lemon and fresh ginger. It actually made it onto the Rekorderlig Instagram.”

Any upcoming trends we can look forward to?


“Well the cocktail world is moving towards health conscious cocktails with everyone starting to see and realise the effects of what goes inside us, I’m sure you all have seen the amount of Vodka Lime Sodas that are ordered or the low car beers. So we will see more veggies, fresh ingredients and things like kombucha popping up in drinks. I know that there is a big push for sustainability in the bar world and lots of places are doing things like ditching straws and making their syrups and mixers from scratch. I also know that cocktails are becoming more about the whole experience like look, smell, taste, theatre and presentation on top of a drink that tastes great. Spend some time on Instagram and you will know exactly what I mean.”

You can catch Dean, the Seaside Mixologist in Old Joes shakin’ the shakers or on Instagram via @northieshotel or @theseasidemixologist

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