Meet Rockefella Gose

So this year for the return of our annual, infamous Chilli Festival, we wanted to delight you with something unique.

We put our mind power together with the crew at Young Henry’s HQ and asked ourselves, ‘If I had just burned my face off with piping hot chilli, what kind of beer would I be reaching for…?’


It was thereby decided, that although a Chilli Beer would be the obvious good idea to fit the theme, we unanimously decided you would sure as hell not be reaching for a chilli beer to wash down the firey, stingy-burny pits of chilli-mouth burn…so back to the drawing board we went….

‘Something sour’ said one…

‘Something cool like the ocean’…said another…

‘Something light and easy to drink’…said the other…

And out of this rather curious mix of requests, the Rockefella Gose: Oyster Gose with Cracked Coriander Seeds was born! Hallelujah, Chilli Fiends! May your stingy-burny lips rejoice!

For those wondering how you pronounce the slippery sucker, we say ‘Goes-Ah’


Oyster Experience Station at Northies Event


As perfectly surmounted by the Young Henry’s Head of High Fives and all-round ideas man, Stocko, ‘…this delicate little beer is surprisingly complex. Using acidulated malt, there is a subtle tartness on both the nose and the front of the tongue to begin. A decent whiff of coriander follows, as does a hint of salinity – thanks to the 40 shucked oysters that were boiled in the wort kettle during the brew process. A rounded maltiness, supplied by southern German lager yeast lingers on the finish and leaves you wanting more. This moreish mouth puckerer is perfect alongside rich seafood, or to balance out the kick of a good dose of chilli. Take a moment to behold the beautiful pale colour and fine beads of effervescence, before quaffing with gusto!


So there you have it friends & fiends, our very own, very boutique-chic, well-considered and thoughtful brew made just for you!

Rockefella Gose is only available at Northies for the Month of August : Our Annual Chilli Fest…so he’s here for a good time, not a long time…don’t miss out!

If you haven’t already entered our Chilli Eating Competition (or booked a table to watch the others suffer!) you should definitely do so here