A Sweet New Summer Menu

Summer is in the air again and we are so excited to bring a sweet little taste of summer to the plates of Cronulla with a brand new menu : Summer Edition. With a focus on quality modern pub fare

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Girl with winter barramundi dish giving peace sign

Northies Winter Menu Edit 2019

It’s like a hug on a plate…   Forget winter is coming…winter is well and truly here! In the throws

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Northies Summer Menu 2018

A Sweet Summer Menu

We’re Convinced You Can Taste Summer in Our Brand New Menu  We kid you not! Think light, delish additions like

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Death Wagon at Northies

Know Your Scovilles!

Get ready for Chilli Fest 2021 at Northies and get to know Scoville Heat Units: Aka – Measure of Chilli-Burn!

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Cape Solander Pizza to Go

Cronulla’s Coziest Winter Menu

Northies Winter Menu Has Landed…and We Hungry! Whoever said ‘Summer Bodies are Made in Winter’ hasn’t felt the miracle of

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Cheers to Mum with Champagne

What’s Your Flavour?

   Our Suggestions for Pairing Wine & Food Vegetables A good vegetarian meal dense in steamed, fresh greens is best

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