Espresso Patronum!

Sharespresso Martini at Northies

Cool Ways We’re Transforming Our Used Coffee Grounds This Espresso Martini Month As Espresso Martini Month swiftly approaches, we’re anticipating a higher-than-your-average lot of Coffee Grounds…because, let’s face it, y’all like your espresso tini’s a latte (see what we did

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speciality nikka whisky cocktail

Up in Smoke – Farewell Smoke & Barrels 2019

Here at Northies, we are about celebrating honest & affordable pub grub with a twist, and as March draws to

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Whiskey at northies Cronulla Hotel for Smoke & Barrels festival

How To Taste Whiskey Like a Legend

With Smoke & Barrels Smoked Meats & Whiskey Festival just days away from starting…(if you don’t know what we’re talking

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Northies Main Bar at christmas Time

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree : Our Top 5 Must-Hear Carol Clangers

Here at Northies we are all about the laughs and the good times during the Christmas season! And we know, as

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champagne with flowers for melbourne cup

Melbourne Cup 2018

When the Race That Stops the Nation Became the Event That Stopped Cronulla! It’s is well documented how we here

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Chilli Eating Comp at Northies

Chilli Eating Comp – Pt. 3

So for those of you playing along at home, you know this is the last of our 3 heats (teeheehee,

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Box of chilli corn chips.

Chilli Eating Comp – Pt. 2

Well things just turned up a notch! To say ‘This Girl Is On Fiiiiii-yah” would be an understatement, because in

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Chilli Fest Week 1

Chilli Eating Competition – Heat 1 Recap

It’s Happened Chilli Fiends! Our Chilli Fest 2018 Chilli Eating Contest has officially kicked off! Heat (get it!?) 1 was

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Death Wagon at Northies

Know Your Scovilles!

Get ready for Chilli Fest 2021 at Northies and get to know Scoville Heat Units: Aka – Measure of Chilli-Burn!

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Mum was right Cronulla

The Top 10 Things Mum Was Right About

We here at Northies are a little too excited for Mother’s Day! So much so, in addition to a whole

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