Chilli Eating Competition – The Grand Finale

Carolina Reapers

Sunday was the day. The day to determine the ultimate (and original) Chilli Eating Champion for the Northies Hotel Chilli Festival of 2018.  Now when we say the stakes were high, we mean…the stakes were high and freakishly spicy! Our

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Chilli Eating Comp at Northies

Chilli Eating Comp – Pt. 3

So for those of you playing along at home, you know this is the last of our 3 heats (teeheehee,

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Box of chilli corn chips.

Chilli Eating Comp – Pt. 2

Well things just turned up a notch! To say ‘This Girl Is On Fiiiiii-yah” would be an understatement, because in

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Bud at Northies Cronulla

UFC Buckets of Bud in Sports Bar

  Bud & UFC- A Perfect Match Yeah we thought so too! So we have decided to celebrate the perfect

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