Sydney Doesn’t Suck- Why We’re Straw-Free

Sip that Delicious Drink , Don’t Be a Sucker for Straws

We all know that plastic in the ocean kills marine life…and as we now know the simple (and for most, complete arbitrary!) convenience of sucking down a beverage with a straw leads to over 3.5 Billion in landfill and our waterways each year…for an item we use for approximately 15 minutes and throw away.

Seems kinda dumb….And like a pretty easy fix to us….

Cocktail with Paper Straw


And just in case that wasn’t enough to make you question the little suckers, here’s our top 5 reasons to give single-use plastic straws the flick

1- By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Yikes, talk about your fish dinner! Or not. Oh yeah and that nice seafood plate we all dig in to on Christmas? Forget it.

2- Plastic Straws are the 12th most common item reported by Clean Up Australia volunteers. They represent 7.5% of all reported plastics.

Annnnd, they are essentially (again, for most people!) completely unnecessary.

3- The Turtles Will Eventually Get Their Revenge..

By making your mouth wrinkle like their little bum. Yep you heard us, repetitive use of straws will make your mouth wrinkle. BOOM.

4- Some plastic straws are still being made with materials that are potentially toxic or carcinogenic.

Yep, even those ‘BPA Free’ones.

5- Plastic can remain in the environment for over 2,000 years.

Because plastic is mostly non-biodegradable and almost indestructible.

Cocktails with Paper Straws

So don’t be a silly sucker.

Take our lead and give the single-use plastic straws a miss

…and if you must, enjoy your drink with a cardboard option (you’ll have to ask our bartenders for one!)…or better yet, get yourself a reusable straw!

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