Chilli Eating Comp – Pt. 2

Well things just turned up a notch!

To say ‘This Girl Is On Fiiiiii-yah” would be an understatement, because in fact, there were two girls who were on Fi-yah!

Chilli Eating Co,mp Winning

That’s right, the ladies took this round out in a tie! To the fearless Joanna & Leah…we salute you…you seriously must have cast-iron bellies…or Leah’s chilli dance really worked, either way!

Our contestants were yet again lined up and ready to go…surprisingly though (considering the ending anyway….) we had A LOT of early drop outs. One as a early as a Jalapeno. Yikes!

We worked our way up the Scoville chart (ICYMI, Scoville’s are explained here)  Jalapeno -> Long Green -> Long Red ->Thai Green -> Birds Eye -> Habanero -> 13 angry Scorpion Sauce -> Bonpussy Sauce -> Carolina Reaper -> Worlds Hottest Corn Chip -> After Death Sauce -> Meet Your Maker Sauce.

And let’s just say, the girls did it with ease! Oh, and one fella too….but his time in the Sudden Death Round was short-lived!

For those of you playing along at home, the Sudden Death round is designed to determine the winner. It is, quite literally…who can eat the most  Reapers. That’s right, reaper for reaper until the one falls down. We lost our last-remaining gentlemen early…and in the end, the girls JUST WOULDN’T BACK DOWN. Fo real, gals be chilli con cray-cray!

Joanna and Leah took home the venue vouchers and a case of Chilli Beer each….just in case they needed more Chilli!

We actually found Joanna still floating around the venue for drinks several hours later like an absolute legend! Truth be told, we don’t know how she made it look so easy!

Just a quiet word to Bones…we think you may have met your match buddy!

Look out!

We still have one more week of heats to go before the big grand final. Sunday 19th of August. Are you feeling  game?