Chilli Eating Competition – The Grand Finale

Sunday was the day. The day to determine the ultimate (and original) Chilli Eating Champion for the Northies Hotel Chilli Festival of 2018. 

Now when we say the stakes were high, we mean…the stakes were high and freakishly spicy!

Our returning champions, Bones (The man. The myth. The Legend), Leah (Lemme See Your Chilli Dance), Peter (the Chilli Eater) returned to face our silent but deadly wild card Emelia and our illustrious host JB to get among some of the hottest peppers, sauces and (yeah, weird we know) lollipops in the world…more about those to come though…

Fellow Chilli Fiend partners, Young Henry’s & Crowley’s Hot Sauces lined Old Joes with delicious beverage & sauce samples for patrons to get a taste of what these guys were about to experience in spades only moments later.


So in this event, we had 17 rounds to determine our champions.

1. The Jalapeno : 2500-10000 SHU

2. the Serrano : 10000- 25000 SHU

3. The Cayenne : 30000-50000 SHU

4. The Bird’s Eye : 100,000-120, 000 SHU

5. The Green Thai : 110,000-150,000 SHU

6. The Red Habanero : 200, 000 – 580, 000 SHU

7. The Crowley’s Haba Nice Day Challenge : Habanero Sauce inside a Habanero Chilli Pepper Pod

8. The Trinidad Scorpion Sauce : 1 Million SHU

9. The Worlds Hottest Corn Chip Challenge : 1, 500 000 SHU

10. The El Chupacabra Sauce : 1, 900 000 SHU

11. The Carolina Reaper : 1, 500 000- 2, 200, 000 SHU

12, A Big Carolina Reaper : 1, 500 000- 2, 200, 000 SHU

13. Supernova Uberflava Sauce :  2, 400, 000 SHU

14. 13 Angry Scorpions Sauce :  2, 400, 000 SHU

15. Crowley’s Hallucinator Sauce : 9 million SHU

16. The Toe of Satan Lollipop Challenge : 9 Million SHU

17. Crowley’s Pure Chilli Extract : Absolute Scoville Hell

Mother Duck, that is a lot of Scovilles!

Needless to say, our champs all made it to round 16….well duh, they didn’t get here by eating Jalapenos! So here we are, with a 9 Million Scoville Lollipop aka the Toe of Satan. Check out Youtube videos of people trying to hold this thing in their mouths….it is next-level pain (not to mention hilarious!). So it was in this round we lost our beloved Emelia and Bones in that order. You gave it a red-hot go guys…and we love ya still!

This left only Peter & Leah. And if Leah’s face was anything to go by…this wasn’t fun. At all.

Chilli Contest at Northies

But we had one more challenge up our sleeves. Pure Scoville Extract. And that my friends, left only one man standing….


Chilli Contest at Northies


Peter the Chilli Eater


Leach Chilli Champion

What a Gal! leah has taken home a $500 Flight Centre Voucher to go cool off somewhere,  a $250 Northies Voucher and a whole lot of Chilli Goodies.

If you haven’t yet made it to our Chilli Festival (like, y tho?), you have 2 more days! Check out the deets here