Let’s Get Quiz-zical

Killer Trivia Team Names

If you are on the hunt for a wicked name for your Trivia Team, then look no further!


We have been hosting Trivia for 5 Years now and have heard some of the wittiest, punny-est, most creative team names EVER! Everything from ones that make your host say something super-embarassing…to straight-up hilarious and our team’s personal faves, the Harry Potter category names…Thus,  dividing them by category, we have sectioned off our Top Trivia Team Names of all time…



Family Winners at Trivia



Here’s a few we love for the Social nods…

Make Trivia Great Again

The Spanish Inquizition

Let’s Get Ready to Bumble

We Met on Tinder

Mike Pence None the Richer

Monica La Quiz-ki


Next up, our favorite Humble Brags….aka selling-yourselves short before you blitz the field….

Our Drinking team Has a Trivia Problem

In Dog Beers, We’ve Only Had One

No Eye Deer

I Thought This Was Speed Dating

Nothing says ‘Literature’ like Twilight


The Smartinis


Musically inspired…we. just. can’t!

Hold Me Closer, Tony Danzar

E = MC Hammer

Let’s Get Quizical

Beyonce Know-Alls

Thin Quizzie


Movie Inspired…

You Can’t Sit With Us

Risky Quizness

Forrest Gump

Sherlock Holmies


Harry Potter inspired…because these are just ACE!

Snapes on a Plane

Got 99 Problems But a Snitch Aint One

Boo You, Hoarcrux

You’re a Quizzard, Harry

I’ll Whoomp Your Willow


And last but not least, how to mess with your host (Aka Carrie and Steve, the Time for Trivia dream-team!)

Actually, In First Place…


This Is Not a Drill, Please Evacuate the Pub

Still My Personal Favourites

The Big Fact Hunt


These are just too damn good! And we can’t wait to hear what others you come up with next Wednesday aka Trivia day!


Now get yourself in for Trivia with Us, Carrie & Steve this week….and enjoy a $15 Schnitty & Schooner of Furphy while you’re at it!