Up Up Cronulla : A Brief History

Up Up Cronulla Indeed! 

Calling all Sports Bar fans! As we get to the pointy end of the NRL Season and our boys, the Cronulla Sharks aka legends in the Shire’s hearts, are proving themselves to be quite the dark horse of the competition…we thought we’d do a brief enquiry in to the song on every Shire-ites lips…’Up Up, Cronulla’.

Now unlike teams such as the St George Illawarra Dragons, who have adopted an existing folk-tune in it’s original form as their battle-cry of choice, our good ol’ Sharkies got a wee bit more creative.
Like Sir Elton John, the Andrews Sisters, Bobby Vinton and even The Wiggles before them, The Cronulla Sharks took to the tune of an old Czechoslovakian folk number that’s title translates to The Beer Barrel Polka. (This title was also re-appropriated later as Roll Out The Barrel). 

We find it a tad funny that our boy’s theme stemmed from a drinking song…how very, very Australian! Take a look at the original lyrics

Roll out the barrel
we’ll have a barrel of fun
roll out the barrel
we’ve got the
blues on the run

Zing boom tararrel
ring out a song
of good cheer
now’s the time
to roll the barrel
for the gang’s all here

Good old cheer indeed, we say!

Now in an interesting turn of events, in 1967 when the club was born, they held a competition to produce the team song. Creatively (and somewhat ironically), the then-principal of De La Salle Cronulla, Brother John (formally Brother Florence) penned new lyrics to the old tune and was victorious in the competition and thus immortalized in the hearts of Cronulla-supporters even still, 52 years on.

Now, because we’re going to win on the weekend (annnnd continue to another victorious premiership, duh!) we suggest you familiarise yourself with the infamous war-cry….

Up, Up Cronulla

The boys in the black, white and blue

Up, up Cronulla

Name of the Sharks fits* you

Sharks, Sharks forever

Go out and play without fear

Now’s the time to see good football

For the Sharks are here

(Up the Sharks!)

And get yourself down to Sports Bar this Saturday Night for the game and some seriously good Sharkies Specials, siren to siren.