We like it HOT HOT HOT!

And to prove just how hot we like it, we are here to spice up your 2021 by bringing back our annual Chilli Festival.

Not for the faint hearted, if you have experienced our Chilli Festival before you know what you are in for, if not, get ready for a month of spicy fun.

We have scoville levels to tingle everyone’s taste buds. Start off slow with by adding a mild Randy Sanchez, Rockmelon Your Socks Off sauce from our Death Wagon or if you are game, sign our waiver and try out the worlds hottest sauce, Meet Your Maker, boasting a Scoville rating of 6000,000. A couple of drops & we will have you drooling all over the table. All of our Death Wagon sauces this year have been curated from our friends over at Blonde Chilli and range from a cakewalk to WTFFFFF!

Now you may be asking WTF is a scoville level? We have covered that over in our blog on scovilles you can read here.


Cart full of hot chilli sauces

More then just hot sauces are on offer though. Be sure to head over and check out the full range of firey food & burny bevs on offer throughout the month too. Think mouth watering inferno parmi’s, TNT pizza, Chilli chocolate cake and jalepeno poppers to name a few. Check out the menu here & bring your mates down to see who can handle the heat!

Chilli food spread

What better way to accompany these firey foods, but with an ice cold Young Henrys Lager? This year we have partnered with Young Henrys and newcomer, Fireball to perfectly pair our menu & sauces.

Both companies have fierce reputations for incredible liquor to suit the climate. Young Henrys, established in 2012 specialise in limited releases, which allows them and the brewers to color outside the lines! There classic Natural Lager rocks a modern Australian taste with a crisp fruity finish & will be on tap all month long.

While Fireball is a Canadian whiskey established in the 1980s. Created to warm up their customers after an arctic blast. Fireball is now known worldwide for warming up any customers throat with its sweet cinnamon flavoring with a burning aftertaste. We are so excited to be teaming up with these well established brands who are sure to bring the heat.

Young henrys chilli

If you have made it this far, we can tell you are truly a fan of the spice and we are here with one final bit of good news…both Young Henrys & Fireball have come forward to sponsor our iconic Chilli Eating Competition. To see how it has gone down in the past check out our 2018 final recap here .

Basically we will put you to the test as you try a range of chilli’s. Last man standing is the winner! What do you win? We are giving away hundreds of dollars worth prizes from our friends over at Young Henrys & Fireball plus a few booiby prizes to those just willing to give it a red hot crack.

Think you can handle to heat?  Join our Chilli eating competition.